Anchor Unsalted Pure New Zealand Butter 10 x 1kg Sheets


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The perfect companion in the kitchen, Anchor Unsalted Butter provides the creamy, rich flavor that only comes from butter made with cream from grass-fed cows. Price: VND 2.916.000 per case of 10 x 1kg sheets Net Weight:...

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The perfect companion in the kitchen, Anchor Unsalted Butter provides the creamy, rich flavor that only comes from butter made with cream from grass-fed cows.

Price: VND 2.916.000 per case of 10 x 1kg sheets

Net Weight: 1kg per sheet x 10 sheets

Brand: Anchor

Origin: New Zealand

Ingredients: Fresh milk cream, water

Recipes: Baking (cakes, cookies, etc.), meals and sauces.

Producer: Fonterra Limited, 9 Princes Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Importer & Distributor: Fonterra Brands Vietnam

Address: Bitexco Financial Tower, No. 2 Hai Trieu St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam

Storage: Follow our storage tips to keep your Anchor™ Butter fresher for longer.

- Keep away from overpowering odors, as they may taint the butter flavor.

- Wrap in airtight container or cling wrap and store in the refrigerator.

- Keep out of direct sunlight – as temperature rises, the fats in butter will slowly oxidize and the butter may become rancid.

- Store butter below -9°C for as long as possible. This will slow the rate of oxidation, inhibit microbiological spoilage and help maintain a fresh butter flavor. Storing butter between -9°C - 32°C over time will increase the degree of butter surface primrosing.

- Keep butter away from fluctuating temperatures to minimize the effects of temperature cycling on the butter texture.



Since its beginnings in 1886, Anchor has been an iconic New Zealand brand, synonymous with milk and dairy innovation.  The Anchor brand is owned by Fonterra, a global dairy co-operative with deep roots in New Zealand that collects 22 billion liters of milk annually.  Anchor Butter is extraordinary in quality and loved by chefs and consumers everywhere.

Made from 100% fresh cream

At Fonterra, we collect milk twice a day from our farmers, ensuring that the cream used to make Anchor butter is the freshest possible.

RBST – free*

The New Zealand government prohibits the use of animal growth hormones in dairy, sheep and beef farming, so our products are always rBST-free.

Free-range cows

The cows that produce milk for Anchor butter are pasture-raised and grass-fed. This also means our cows are raised naturally under humane living conditions at all times.  Butter made with milk from grass-fed, free-range cows has a richer taste versus butter made with milk from barn raised non grass-fed animals.  Butter from grass-fed cows is also proven to be higher in Omega 3, Beta Carotene and Vitamin A.

How do we make the richest smoothest creamiest-tasting butter?

We start with 100% fresh cream from cows that graze in the green pastures of New Zealand and are never treated with growth hormones. We add nothing but a touch of salt. The fresh cream is slow churned to release the water and then packed into blocks that are immediately frozen, locking in the freshness and rich buttery flavor.


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