Please read carefully:


1. Before receving your products:

The customer has the right to deny receiving the products if the salesman / delivery man delivers the wrong products, or the wrong number of products, or in case the product is:

- Damaged

- Inedible


2. After receiving the products:

- Customers are required to provide us a receipt related to the product that they would like to exchange, either because the customer changes mind or because of the product's quality.

- Customers are only allowed to RETURN our products if the problem is caused by the product's quality, or because the exchange product is finished, not because the customer changes mind.


- When exchanging products, customers are allowed to:

+ Exchange for a similar product

+ Exchange for another product of similar value

+ Exchange for a higher-priced product and pay the difference

+ Exchange for a lower-priced product and get back the difference


- Conditions applied when exchanging products, including the product must still be:

+ Intact with Hifood tags, price tags, plastic cover, styrofoam tray.

+ Intact Quality: Doesn't smell, doesn't change color, safe and edible, doesn't change shape.


- Exchange / Return Duration Applied: 12 HOURS since the moment the receipt has been printed out.


- In Vietnamse: +84 902 288 015

- In English: +84 965 561 644

EMAIL (English-Language Contact Person Available):

- No. 55B Hang Bai St. Shop: (Mrs Thanh)

- No. 35 Tran Duy Hung St. Shop: (Ms Linh)